This study examines the history and evolution of the Downie surname in western Scotland and Northern Ireland. The research draws together many threads and reveals some new ones. The purpose of this research and subsequent information is in assisting the various Downie, Downey, McEldowney and Mcildowney families of whatever spelling to trace their family tree; in particular those with paper or DNA (M222+ or Ui Niall Haplotype) links to western Scotland and Northern Ireland.
I would like to say that the information contained on this Website has been circulated to support and assist various families, not as a statement of undeniable fact. The best method to validate any of these findings is to conduct your own research and test the information presented. Wherever possible the original source has been quoted via a book reference, a link to the relevant web site or a secondary citation. If you find any information that is not correct or you wish to add to the body of knowledge or provide feedback please let me know here.